Two years ago, exactly this date/time, life punches me in the face, kicked me in the balls, and threw me to the ground (literally) when i got arrested for being “in possession” of my sisters medication she left in my car the weekend prior.

Everything about my life came crashing to a hault as i was forced to spend nearly $15k fighting the charges for two years.

But because of that i ended up meeting the most incredible person in the world (seriously, she is), was able to actually find the time to go to/experience all sorts of things i always wanted to do but couldnt, and fell in love with a job of my chosen career path (which i was at the time previously becoming bitter and hated my field)

If i could go back in time, id get arrested all over again because (besides having my school delayed two years and spending a lot of money) it turns out being arrested was the best thing to every happen.

excerpt from my memoir, “The Capt Mark Knesal Story”

Testing the waterproofing on my new space phone

Perfect water trainer/bender phone.